Ignacio De León

Lead Innovation Specialist,
Inter-American Development Bank

Ignacio De León is a start-up entrepreneur in the debt/equity crowdfunding industry. He is a business incubator expert and innovation policy specialist with multi-regional experience on competition and regulatory reform strategies. He has broad knowledge and experience of the political economy issues involving institutional reform in Latin America and Central Asia.

In his five years as lead innovation specialist at Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, D.C., Ignacio has had a hand in many projects. He successfully raised the execution of a US$29M loan operation in Guatemala 300% in one year through the design of startup incubation and acceleration programs, together with the development of infrastructure development of public goods and better investment climate.

He also designed and executed a pioneering US$900K technical assistance program in the Caribbean (REACH) that created a regional facility for technology transfer and startup incubation in the agroindustry, eHealth, and creative industries, and a US$300K technical assistance program that supported the music industry.

He also pioneered the IDB work on the regulation of digital business models supported on digital collaborative platforms in Chile and more recently implemented two blockchain pilots for non-financial use in Jamaica, Trinidad/Tobago, and Chile. He also conducted research on the high costs of the use of the intellectual property system in six Latin American countries and the institutional setbacks of competition policy in this region, and he developed a strategy to facilitate credit to SMEs using intellectual property as collateral.

He also serves as a partner and advisor at Superfanatico in Washington, D.C., where he has designed and implemented a business strategy for the development of a daily fantasy sports platform for Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile). As a partner and advisor for Directo Crowdfunding, Ignacio has designed and implemented a business strategy for the development of an equity, debt, and rewards crowdfunding platform supporting immigrant-based businesses.

Previously, Ignacio served as a partner and CEO for Econlex Corporation, where he developed a network of affiliate international development consulting offices in Miami, Lima, Caracas, Quito, and San Jose.